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24 Waterfront South Florida Mansions & Villas for short term rent

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Yam Vacations Rentals invites you to stay at one of the 20+ mansions. You may be visiting Miami for business or for leisure, whichever do it in luxury with a Miami Beach mansion. We cater to every need with our 5-star 24/7 concierge & personalized service to create the perfect stay.

Waterfront Luxury Villas Miami Rentals

We have the best locations so you can stay in luxury areas of Miami. Mansions and villas adapted to what you need, with first class attention and luxury services.

Live an experience in a Luxury Mansion in Miami.

We offer a variety of activities for you and your family. Among some of our most popular requests we have:

  • Cooking or mixology classes: have a chef come to your home to teach you and your family how to cook some of their most popular plates.
  • Fitness classes: have a professional instructor come to your home to lead a class of the fitness activity of your family’s preference: Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, and more options available upon request.
  • Outdoor Activities: add more fun to your day by renting our bounce house and/or pool slide.
  • Helicopter Trip: take a look at the beautiful Miami coast and skyline by bringing your family onto a helicopter trip that will leave everyone wanting to go explore the city even more.
  • Jetski rental.
  • Water sport rental gear: paddle, kayak.